Published: Visual workflow interfaces for editorial processes

After more than one year that I present this paper at DH 2012, it finally got accepted and published in the LLC Journal (September 2013). Here are the abstract and the link to the paper:

In this article, we provide a discussion of the concept of visual interactive workflows, how they relate to our previous work on structured surfaces, and how they have been adapted to experiments in managing articles for journal publication and managing biographical histories being written and tagged in XML. We conclude with a user experience study of the prototypes, which suggests that they are relatively acceptable at the level of reflective response, but might benefit from more iteration in their use of process and element metaphors.


Reference: Frizzera, L., Radzikowska, M., Roeder, G., Pena, E., Dobson, T., Ruecker, S., Rockwell, G., Brown, S., and The INKE Research Group. (2013). Visual workflow interfaces for editorial processes. Literary and Linguistic Computing, 28(3), 14. doi:10.1093/llc/fqt053