Ten Ways to Skin a Cat – Part 3

One of the assignments for my design course was to make a collaborative animation of a poem. The poem was sliced into small parts and each student was responsible to create an animation using the stanzas. It was defined that we would use four typefaces, one for each character, and a predefined palette of colors. As in this part of the poem only the narrator speaks, I will use just one font face.

My approach was to work with just typographic animation without any other kind of graphics, except by lines and dots. The intention is to use the cadence of the speaking poetry to explore the word’s meaning and connections between them by rotating, scaling, highlighting and moving characters, words and the camera.

Poem Title: Ten: Ways to Skin a Cat (by Kath MacLean)

Part: 3 /11

Duration: 25 seconds (0:55 ~ 1:20)

Type of animation: Typographic


This work was produced as an assignment in the Communication Design for Interactive Media II class (DES 596) at Huco MA program in University of Alberta.