Published: Mobile Media as New Forms of Spatialization

A short version of the third chapter of my thesis was published in the Interdisciplinary Science Reviews. Here are the abstract and the link to the paper:

The physical space has historically served as an important support for human expression. However, the production of location-based information has been consciously used as means of social control by the hegemonic power, which decides what can be publicly displayed, and what should be hidden. With the development of mobile media, space has gained new dimensions, resulting in a sort of hybrid space where digital information overlays the physical space revealing what was previous unknown about a place. As mobile devices become increasingly present in our society, they should be understood as a social interface to our experience of space, serving not only as means to consume information, but also tools for communication. This paper discuss the current mobile media practices, such as mapping, urban electronic annotations, location-based mobile games, and smart mobs, which creates opportunities for new forms of human expression, reappropriations of space, and contestation of hegemonic power.


Reference: Frizzera, L. (2015). Mobile Media as New Forms of Spatialization. Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, 40(1), 29–43.