Workflow Interface for Editorial Process

Scholars usually have to deal with many different types of documents spread in various stages, especially in the case of big projects. Piles and piles of documents scattered in many folders waiting for tagging, revision, approval or whatever it is that needs to be completed. There are workflow management tools available to help us, but they often are too specialized and somewhat complex to use. So, how can we make them easier and more flexible?

You can read the paper here, or check more information at INKE website:

Twitter Versus Mode

Twitter Versus Mode is my first attempt to connect Twitter and Flash. It is basically a tool that compares two keywords. Once the user hits “go”, the script accesses Twitter’s API to search the last 1,000 tweets that mention at least one of the two selected keywords. Each tweet is represented by a color-coded square. An animation representing the flowing tweets reconstruct the timeline. The content of a tweet can be seen by mouse over on a square, showing the text and the user avatar on Twitter. There is an option to reorder the tweets by keywords.

Since Twitter close their API and created strict rules for accesses, this prototype stopped working. But you can still see some screenshots.