Mapping Campus Antiracism Protest

I developed a prototype for interactive interface visualization on Campus Antiracism Protest. The data was collected by Alex Hanna and Ellen Berrey (University of Toronto) using a machine learning algorithm developed for this task. The source of data is a collection of student association lead and university focused newspapers. The prototype visualization has a subset of the dataset with about 200 records of protests in the USA and Canada between 2012 and 2016.

You can access the visualization here:

The visualization was developed using web standard technology: HTML, CSS, and Javascript. A few Javascript libraries were used to facilitates data processing, UI implementation, and visualization development.
Javascript Libraries
D3 – Creates graphs
UIKit – Interface framework
jQuery – DOM manipulation
Mapbox – Map service
Moment.js – Date-time manipulation
Papaparse – CSV Parser
Chroma.js – Color manipulation