Guia Vix

In my last trip abroad I was amazed by how digital mobile city guide can be useful for exploring urban environments. At the same time, I realize that my own city does not have such piece of technology. So, I decided to create my first iPhone app as a city guide.

Guia Vix is a Vitória’s (Brazil) city guide iPhone App. The idea was to bridge the gap between the old print version and the new tourist behaviour. The app has information about the city, types of transportation and a geolocation database of more than 200 venues (bars, restaurants, nightclubs) and point of interests (beaches, arts, museum). A detail page provides the main information for each venus, including phone numbers, full address, map location and web site url. The user can explorer the arounds using the feature “Nearby” that geo-locate the user and show the points of interest in 1 km distance.

This project was built with the help of Samia Pedraça, Marina Machado, and Daigo Matsuoka. The app was available for one year as an experimental project. However, my choice to pursue a Master degree abroad made difficult to maintain a very locally-driven project up and running. We shut down the app at the end of 2012,