CiteLens: Visualizing citations in the Humanities

From 2011 to 2014 I collaborate with Mihaela Ilovan and Jenniffer Windsor, under the supervision of Geoffrey Rockwell and Stan Ruecker, to develop a prototype tool to visualize citation in the Humanities: CiteLens. The tool is a proof-of-concept that points to the complexity of citation in the Humanities. Different from the hard sciences, where academic research is most often doing small increments upon previous research, in the Humanities and part of Social Sciences the use of sources can vary in degree, mode, and depth. CiteLens attempts to expose this complexity and provide insights on how humanist scholars use the citation in their work.

This project was presented at the national and international conference on Digital Humanities, including CSDH and DH.

You can try the demo here:

If you are interested, the source code is here:

You can also watch the demo: