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I was voluntary professor at Social Communication at Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo between 2010 and 2011, teaching graphic design for newspaper and magazines.

In the first term in 2011 Daniela Martins, professor of the print newspaper class at that time, and I led a initiative to create the first Primeira Mão digital edition for tablets. Primeira Mão is the course newspaper lab, printed since 1990. During 3 months the last year students working in the print and digital edition at the same time. They needed not only to write the stories but also design the whole edition.

We used Adobe Indesign and the Digital Edition plugging in order to design the pages both to print and digital. At that time, digital edition was available for beta test and only for iPad.

For the digital edition layout we had to create two different version in order to take advantages of rotation features in tablets: portrait and landscape views. The students got a change to experiment different ways of story telling using features available in Adobe’s tool: Video, sound, scrolling, slideshow and connection to the internet.

We also collaborated with Daniela Zanetti, professor of advertisement for new media at the time, in order to put the work of her students presents in this edition. They created 5 ads using the same tool.

Unfortunately, by the of the term when the edition was almost finished, Adobe close the beta tool and we was not allowed to public launched Primeira Mão first digital edition. However, the students had the opportunity to works with this new tool and experiment different forms of story telling in tablets.


You can see here some screenshots:


Watch an interview explaining the project:


Video in Portuguese. See the story at Universo Ufes:

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